The Boardroom

The Boardroom is a Great Lakes vessel being used to showcase various TECAT Engineering and NexTier Diesel technologies. The Boardroom is currently powered by two GM 350 cid gasoline engines. One engine is being converted to a high speed NexTier Diesel engine to demonstrate improved fuel economy.

NexTier engines offer diesel engine fuel economy with gasoline engine power density utilizing lighter-weight engine components. Furthermore, NexTier Diesel engines significantly reduce harmful emissions compared to conventional diesel engines. NexTier has initially targeted the marine industry due to the extended cruising range of NexTier Diesel engines, the benefit of offering a safer fuel to the mid-size vessel market, and the advantage of reduced emissions in an industry which will soon be emissions regulated.

The Boardroom is being instrumented with:

  • crankshaft encoders
  • torque transmitters
  • fuelflow metering
  • airflow metering
  • GPS position and speed tracking



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