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Dr. Douglas Baker has developed a new thermodynamic compression ignition engine cycle which extracts power from fuel more efficiently and much cleaner. Most of the new engine technology today is focused on improving fuel economy and emissions through advanced fuel injection systems and control schemes. Dr. Baker’s Nextier technology is a more fundamental breakthrough that is patent pending in the U.S. and internationally. Independent compression ratios, peak-cycle turbulence generation and late-cycle oxygen enrichment strategies are just a few of the advanced features our technology has to offer. Additional patents are being pursued in some of these areas.

Key Advantages of the REVOLATION™ Engine are:

  • Significantly improved fuel economy—up to 40% over that of gasoline engines, and 20% over current diesel engines
  • Engine responsiveness comparable to spark-ignited engines – 2-3.5 times wider range in engine speed over current diesels; reduced turbo-lag and component inertia
  • Significantly reduced emissions—at least a 20% reduction in NOx and soot compared to diesels of today
  • Significantly improved power to weight and power to volume ratios over current diesel engines (typical is 4-5 times increase in output horsepower for the same displacement volumes and system weight)
  • Multi fuel compatibility
  • Lower manufacturing costs – modular design with off the shelf components
  • Lower cooling load – reduced heat signature and space requirement for cooling system
The REVOLATION™ utilizes many engine parts that are widely available today. It provides the engine designer with more ways to control and tune the engine to improve emissions and fuel economy beyond that of conventional gasoline and diesel engines. The market needs for an improved diesel engine are:
  • Current diesel technology cannot meet new U.S. and worldwide emissions regulations. Current EPA clean air regulations have been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. They effect every category of diesel engines including on-road, off-road, marine, stationary and mobile.
  • Diesel technology is heavily penetrated into the European Market and is struggling to meet more stringent European clean-air emission standards.
  • Automakers are struggling to meet current U.S. Corporate Average Fuel Economy (C.A.F.E.) standards and are under pressure to meet new higher standards.
  • U.S. military has mandated that all combat-theatre equipment use heavy fuel propulsion. They need high–power density engines ( > 1 hp/lb ) that are compact, with a low heat signature. Some applications need diesel engines that are man-portable. There are currently no engines available to meet all of these requirement .

The need is clear, and the answer is the REVOLATION™.

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